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Chapter 1, Part 1

Yes it’s true, the first video of the Free Drove series is finally up!! This is the third video to be released on the channel, the first two being the intro videos (subtitled and un-subtitled). But this video is the first in the actual story proper. You might notice that the posting date of theContinue reading “Chapter 1, Part 1”

The Mines (Part 2)

This post continues the post “The Mines (Part 1)“. Fear and Fact The mines’ ability to evade port-tracing filled many with fear.  If the Aggregate had technology advanced enough to port-in without being detected, the military outlook boded poorly for Proxima.  But the few communications that arrived from the embattled core worlds did not describeContinue reading “The Mines (Part 2)”

Organic Realignment

So I mentioned in my intro video post that I learned some things about myself and about the way I work. So here’s what I learned: 1. I have time constraints I have a full time job, which I enjoy, but limits the amount of time I can dedicate to the project. So you say:Continue reading “Organic Realignment”

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Chapter 1, Part 1

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